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Safety Harmony Inclusivity Non-discrimination Equality
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Photo of Methodist Health System Employees at Omaha Pride

Mission Statement

SHINE will work to further the mission and values of the Methodist Health System, represent the interests of all LGBTQIA+ employees and those who identify as allies to create a safe environment for and to grow, professionally and personally, supporting the overall diversity and inclusion strategy of the system. 

What are the expectations if I join the group?

At this stage, we simply ask that you participate, either actively or passively, in the things that interest you. For example, if you're not able to attend an event live, watch the recording when you get a chance. In both cases, share feedback! We ask that you commit to not only your own growth, but the growth of others and the success of the group as a whole.

Living the CARE Pillars

Community Icon


Key focus: collaboration, outreach, partnership


  • Serve to collaborate with the local community
  • Build impactful relationships and partner on initiatives that serve both the health system and the greater Omaha area metro area, including Council Bluffs.
Advocacy Icon


Key focus: support, action, retention of talent 


  • Advocate internally for LGBTQIA+ and the opportunity to bring one's authentic self to the health system
  • Provide information to advocate for a better, brighter, more inclusive system
Resources Icon


Key focus: recruitment, development, retention


  • Serve to create opportunities for employees that identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies through collaboration, outreach, and inclusion
  • Facilitate growth, personally and professionally
Education Icon


Key focus: feedback, awareness, guidance 


  • Provide educational opportunities to highlight underrepresented voices in the LGBTQIA+ community for the entire health system through feedback, awareness and guidance