Elevate 2023 (Workday)

The Countdown Is On. A Few Reminders for Elevate 2023 (Workday)

Published: Dec. 7, 2022
New Elevate Workday logo

The launch of Workday is just over three weeks away. Teams are working diligently to put the finishing touches on this new platform, which will have significant impacts on the health system.

The changes coming to human resources, finance and other systems across the health system have been communicated in recent weeks. We know it’s been a lot, so the Workday team thought a few friendly reminders might be appreciated.

  • Training materials for Workday are available in NetLearning. While the training isn’t mandatory, employees are strongly encouraged to spend some time reviewing the Job Aids and videos to make the transition to the new platform seamless. Training topics are broken down by job duties/responsibilities. You can access NetLearning from your desktop icon or via the employee resources tab on bestcare.org. Once you access NetLearning, your employee ID number is your user name, and “employee” is the password.
  • Make sure you are on target to make any changes related to direct deposits, W4 documents, benefits and employee or manager self-service items by the Dec. 14 deadline. From Dec. 14 to Jan. 1, access to these items will no longer be available, as the transition of information to the Workday system will be underway. Because Human Resources understands that emergent issues may surface, accommodations can be made but should be avoided if possible. Questions related to this process should be routed to the HR Service Center at (402) 354-2200.
  • Finally, communications in the coming weeks will be ramping up, so please take a few minutes to check and read any messages with Elevate 2023 in the subject line. This information is being shared for a reason and is essential to the health system’s implementation and success of Workday in 2023.