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Workday upgrades bring new layout, other changes

Published: March 11, 2024
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Workday upgrade enhancements are released in March and September of each year, and Human Resources is excited to share details of the most recent changes. 

The latest upgrade was implemented on March 10. As a result, desktop users will notice a new look and feel to their Workday home screens.

The enhancements are part of a continued effort to improve the employee experience by making Workday easier to navigate and your time in the platform more efficient.

Here's what’s new:


Announcements carousel

Employee announcements are now located in the upper right corner of the homepage, causing the “View All Apps” box to move lower. The announcements now appear in a carousel format, and you can navigate to the next announcement by selecting the forward icon. Workday apps are also accessible from the top left menu.


The 'Benefits' app is now 'Benefits and Pay'

The “Benefits and Pay” app dashboard displays your benefit and pay details while the “Employee Benefits & Wellness” app dashboard provides links to benefit providers and helpful benefit resource information.


New Jobs Hub

The Career Hub has been replaced with Jobs Hub. Type “Jobs Hub” in the Workday search bar to browse Methodist jobs, establish job alerts and refer a candidate.


Please note that the upgrade may also affect Workday’s layout on smaller screens and mobile devices.