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Why I Came, Why I Stayed: Jenny Delavan lives the Methodist mission at close-knit Glenwood clinic

Published: Feb. 9, 2024
Jenny Delavan

In “Why I Came, Why I Stayed,” you’ll get to know people who are making a difference every day at Methodist and how they contribute to providing The Meaning of Care.

Jenny Delavan, PT, DPT, ATC
Clinic Manager for Outpatient Rehabilitation and Physical Therapist
Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital Physical Therapy in Glenwood

Tell us more about yourself.

I’ve been with Methodist for 11 years. I was hired as a staff physical therapist, and in 2022 I was promoted to manager Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital's physical therapy services at Methodist Physicians Clinic in Glenwood, Iowa.

I live on an acreage outside of Tabor, Iowa, about 30 miles south of Council Bluffs, with my husband and our three girls (ages 10, 8 and 6). We have 37 laying hens and plant sweet corn and pumpkins along with a vegetable garden on our little hobby farm. I’m constantly talking my family out of getting a mini cow. The whole farm is protected by our two dogs – our mutt, Lily, and our basset hound, Grace. I coach my older two daughters’ basketball teams, and that’s about all I really have time for!


Why Methodist? What attracted you to the organization?

When going through physical therapy school, I had a rotation at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital’s outpatient clinic. I loved the comradery among staff as well as the level of care they provided to patients. After graduating, I first worked at a rural hospital in Iowa. When Lisa Fidone, Jennie Edmundson’s director of rehab services, told me about the Glenwood PT position, I never looked back. After building a strong relationship with Methodist as a student, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work close to home and within the health system I’ve used for most of my life. I knew how close-knit the hospital’s clinic was and how valued the mission and culture of Jennie Edmundson is, and I knew the same would be true in Glenwood. 


What is it about Methodist that keeps you coming back?

Methodist has allowed me to grow professionally and personally, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I first started at full time but moved down to part time after the birth of our second daughter. The flexibility and willingness of our department to allow me more time at home when our girls were young is invaluable; it’s time you never get back, and they were willing to work with me so I could be both a health care professional and a mother. 

When I was promoted, I moved back into a full-time position but still had the ability to balance work and home. Our staff at Glenwood is phenomenal; we’re there for each other, and every one of us will jump in to help a colleague in need. Everyone is committed to Methodist’s values and high standards for each other and patient care. I know I can count on anyone in our clinic to provide a good patient experience and create a fantastic work environment.


Do you have any favorite Methodist memories?

I don’t know if there’s enough room for this answer! First and foremost, there have been many memorable patient experiences at our clinic. Anytime you teach a toddler to walk or help someone who was in a horrible accident relearn to sit up, walk and care for themselves, those memories pop up from time to time and bring a smile to your face. Glenwood’s homecoming tradition, where the entire town closes down for the parade, is an amazing experience. As a clinic, we put a vehicle in the parade every year and have quality team building while enjoying the festivities in the community. 


Tell us about a mentor or colleague at Methodist who made a difference for you.

I can’t answer this question without thinking of Lisa Fidone, who told me about this position in Glenwood and changed the course of my career. When it comes to making a difference, I’m blessed with each member of my staff who bring their own strengths to the table and work together for our ultimate goal: high-quality patient care.


What should people know about Methodist?

Our mission is centered on excellent patient care, and that’s what each of us strive for every day. To us, coming to the hospital or clinic may be our job. But to the many people who come for treatment, it can be a life-altering event, and they’re in a position they may have never been in (e.g., they’re unable to work, provide for their families, participate in their sport or complete the basic activities of daily living). It’s up to us to focus on what’s important to each patient who comes in. Each patient is a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, etc., and I treat each one as though I’m treating my own family member. I want them to have the best care possible.