This Week's Reflection for Hope and Resilience

Published: March 3, 2021
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This is part of a series of weekly messages of hope and resilience that will be made available through Employee Connections and printed copies for those who do not have easy access to computers. Read last week's reflection here.

Some years ago, I read an article about a man who decided to build his own house from scratch. He had lots of experience with some aspects of construction, a little with others, and with some he had none at all. He decided he would take his time and learn as he went. No doubt he relied on the support, expertise and advice of many friends. I think for him, building this house was maybe like climbing a mountain – a great adventure into unknown territory where he knew he would be greatly challenged while encountering many small defeats but also exhilarating discoveries and victories.

He wrote a book about his experience. When he was done, he said that if he had known how hard it was going to be – all the challenges, frustrations, failures and discouragement – he probably never would have even begun the project. He said his ignorance was a great ally in his quest to build a house.

We have been climbing our COVID-19 mountain for a year now. Unlike the author, we did not sign up for this. But like the author, not knowing fully what was before us – the number of deaths, the sheer length and depth of our labor – may have been a great help in taking care of our task day by day. All we could do was take care of this day. Sometimes it was even just one moment at a time, relying on God, a higher power or nature because we small creatures could not accomplish such a task without calling on our larger self.

We have more climbing ahead of us. And we do not know all that is before us, all that will come. That includes difficulties and sorrows – and blessings, miracles, exhilarating discoveries and victories. Relying on God and one another, taking one day at a time, our challenge may deepen us and make us love life even more and in a better way.

- Chaplain Mike McMahon, Methodist Hospital


We know these are difficult times. If you would like to speak with a chaplain for support, please feel free to reach out.

Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women’s Hospital: Call Operator “0” and ask for the chaplain to be paged.

Methodist Fremont Health: Call Scott Jensen at (402) 290-1408.