COVID-19 Vaccination Update: Methodist Nearing End of First-Dose Vaccinations; Second-Dose Scheduling Underway

Published: Jan. 21, 2021
Image for post: COVID-19 Vaccination Update: Methodist Nearing End of First-Dose Vaccinations; Second-Dose Scheduling Underway

Thanks to all those who have scheduled the first dose of your COVID-19 vaccine. To date, the health system has delivered over 7,200 doses.

It's important that we wrap up vaccinating the remaining group of employees that still need to get their first dose. Our plan is to have this completed by the end of this month, as the vaccine supply will be moving to the 1B priority groups. 

If you are still interested in receiving a first dose of the vaccine, now is the time to secure your date and time slot confirmed. 

The following are links to first dose Pfizer clinics planned for next week.

The following is a link to first dose Moderna clinics planned for next week.

We're now entering the second-dose phase of the process. Many of you were scheduled for the second dose of the vaccine following the administration of the first dose. We ask that you keep an eye out for that confirmation email. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please do so via SignUpGenius.

If you will be unable to make your vaccine appointment, please cancel as soon as possible. To do so, please locate your confirmation email and click Edit My Sign Up > Delete. The confirmation email would have come to the account you used when registering. If you cannot locate the confirmation email, please call (402) 354-4000.

Once your appointment is canceled, you'll need to reschedule your vaccination for a later date via SignUpGenius. 

Be sure to correctly type in your email address when registering for the second dose. We have received many notices that confirmation emails are not being received, and a number of them are the result of a typo or not entering an email address correctly. Remember, your Methodist Health System email address is not the same as your network ID (Correct: Incorrect: 

Vaccination (first and second dose) of all health system employees and others affiliated with the organization should be completed by late February.

To keep our vaccination efforts moving forward, there’s a need for staffing in our Closed Point of Distribution (CPOD) locations. Positions include registration, discharge, Cerner documenter and vaccine administrator. We need all hands on deck in the coming weeks to successfully complete our vaccination process. The sign-up for CPOD shifts can be found here.

Methodist intends to play a role in community vaccination efforts. Those plans are still being finalized with the state, local health departments and our health care partners. More details will be provided once they are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my vaccine card. Do I need a replacement?

If you lost your COVID vaccine card, don’t worry. Obtaining this documentation is possible through the Patient Portal. If you’re not sure if you signed up for the portal, go to and try to sign in. You may have signed up with your personal email, so check with your personal and work email addresses. If the portal asks for a medical record number, you are not signed up. 

To sign up for the Patient Portal, email Employee Health your legal name, date of birth and ZIP code at @email. Employee Health will send you an email invite with instructions on how to sign up for the portal. This email invite is the easiest and fastest way to sign up. 

Are employees required to place the COVID-19 vaccine sticker on their badge?

Employees are not required to place the sticker on their badge but may do as they wish. You MAY NOT place them over your face or name on the badge; it must go on the back of the badge.

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