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Important Update: Uniform Vendor (Uniforms-Omaha) Is Closing

Published: Sept. 13, 2016

Attention, staff at Methodist Hospital, Methodist Women’s Hospital and Methodist Jennie Edmundson who purchase uniforms through the MHS Safety and Style Initiative:

  • We were just made aware that one of our uniform vendors — Uniforms-Omaha (2455 S. 132nd Street) — is closing effective September 17, 2016 and is not taking new orders. 

  • Uniforms-Omaha has indicated that any orders placed by September 9, 2016, will be honored.  Staff members with a pending order may call Uniforms-Omaha at 402-697-5038 with questions on pending orders.

  • V’s Uniforms (7620 Dodge Street) and Great Plains Uniforms (8910 H Street) continue to be available vendors for Cherokee uniforms.  See the Uniforms sitepage on the Intranet, or click here for information on uniform vendors/resources.