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Methodist Women's Hospital's Cleone Warren honored with The DAISY Award

Published: July 8, 2024
Methodist Women's Hospital's Cleone Warren honored with The DAISY Award

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses honors caregivers for their extraordinary skill and compassion. Over 5,400 organizations worldwide work with The DAISY Foundation to recognize deserving nurses. Learn more about The DAISY Award here.

Congratulations to Cleone Warren, BSN, RN, a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Methodist Women's Hospital, for being honored with The DAISY Award! The Nebraska Methodist College graduate was nominated by a patient, who wrote:

"My daughter had a plethora of ‘quirks,’ but her feeding difficulties really were troublesome toward the last three to four weeks of her stay. Despite hours and hours of my own (maybe obsessive) research, deep diving of prematurity-related feeding issues, the intense need to find the “why” and constant frustration with setbacks, Cleone was always SO helpful and caring. … She was so incredibly supportive, really understood my concerns and helped me to advocate for my daughter in a way I may not have felt enough confidence to do prior. She even came in with pep talks and helped me relinquish any self-doubt I may have had! After some of the changes were made within the plan of care, my daughter not only thrived, but she got to break out of her expensive hotel less than two weeks later! In our 2 1/2 months, Cleone was able to care for her throughout many challenges and obstacles. Each time she had a comforting approach and compassionate communication, and she was always uplifting! … She came to check in often even when we weren’t on her assignment, made sure to stop in the day before our planned discharge with heartfelt words of encouragement and was a nurse we prayed to have on our daughter's team often. … We will forever be grateful for, remember and cherish nurse Cleone. We really want to thank her for being a huge part of our story and a guiding light through trying times."

Do you know a nurse who is deserving of The DAISY Award? Nominations can be submitted by patients, family members, colleagues or “anyone who experiences or observes extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse.” To nominate a Methodist nurse for The DAISY Award, click here.