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Exciting changes ahead for the Methodist My Care smartphone app

Published: July 8, 2024
Kent Sona Leadership Update

A message from Kent Sona, vice president and chief information officer

As the chief information officer for the health system, I’m always looking for new technology that can improve our employee experience and, most importantly, our patient experience.

In 2021, we launched the Methodist My Care application, supported by Cerner, and it has served us well. Now, I’m very excited to share that we’re launching a new and improved version of Methodist My Care – powered by Gozio.  

With it, you’ll still have access to the Methodist My Care patient portal through a convenient app on your smartphone. You’ll also have instant access to useful tools to pay a bill, find a provider, search for clinic or hospital locations and learn more about careers at Methodist.

The new app closely mimics our website with the same look, feel and great features.


Methodist My Care Gozio

Ready to access the new app?

If you’re already a Methodist My Care app user, from your smartphone, do the following: 

  • Delete the old Methodist My Care app (blue and white logo). 
  • Go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Methodist My Care” (with the black, white and blue logo that includes a registered trademark). 
  • Download the new app.

If you don't have the previous Methodist My Care app on your smartphone, do the following:

  • Go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Methodist My Care” (with the black, white and blue logo that includes a registered trademark). 
  • Download the new app.

Many features on the app are available without a patient portal login. To access your medical records, schedule an appointment and communicate with your provider, you’ll need to enroll. Learn more here


Why the change?

When we first launched our app in 2021, it was to keep us at the forefront of technology. We needed a mobile platform, and our patients were asking for more seamless access to care. However, accessing the app once it was installed was challenging. That resulted in lower adoption numbers than we’d like.

The new app aligns with our 2024-2026 system strategy of creating a frictionless consumer experience. The user experience is much more straightforward, and we’ll continue to protect access to patient information by requiring users to log in to that portion of the platform.


Forward-thinking application

In partnering with Gozio, we have the ability to grow our mobile platform exponentially over time. Possibilities include wayfinding – providing patients with turn-by-turn directions for appointments or while visiting a loved one. We may also be able to share information about urgent care wait times and which locations have quicker access.

This relationship allows us to maximize our investment while meeting our needs as we grow and explore new features. As the health system realized how important mobile access is to patients, we decided to invest and make sure we had a solid platform.


Exciting change

As an IT guy, I’m excited to see our senior leaders truly embrace the innovation component of our mission statement. New applications like this are what our patients need and should expect from Methodist. 

I’m hopeful you will share in our excitement for the new Methodist My Care® app. We’ll be working with our Marketing and Methodist Physicians Clinic partners to push this exciting tool to patients in August. In the meantime, we invite you, our employees, to explore the new app and help us be champions for this new technology – another tool in our efforts to provide The Meaning of Care.