Awards and Achievements

Methodist Fremont Health's Julie Hanson honored with the SHINE Award

Published: June 18, 2024
Awards and Achievements

The SHINE Award for Nursing Assistants honors these staff members for the special role they play in patient care within the Methodist Health System. Their Supporting Hands assist our nurses In achieving Nursing Excellence and quality patient outcomes. Paramedics are also eligble for the award.

SHINE Award Winner

Julie Hanson, a paramedic at Methodist Fremont Health, has been honored with the SHINE Award. 

Her nominator, Emergency Department nurse Ashley Kline, RN, wrote: 

"After a long, busy shift, Julie had to go out on a transport. She got back to our department around 1930 and found that we had a STEMI in the department that we were having trouble finding timely transport to Omaha for. There was no paramedic scheduled for the night shift, and all the other transport services were in the middle of calls. Despite being worn out and ready to go home, Julie volunteered to stay even later in order to get a very sick patient to the cath lab in Omaha. Julie recognized the severity of the patient's condition and put his needs above her comfort. She commented that she knew that his best chance for a more complete recovery was to get to Methodist Hospital for immediate intervention. Thanks to her, the patient was able to leave immediately rather than waiting over an hour for an ambulance to arrive. She is an amazing team player who really puts her patients first."

Congratulations, Julie, on receiving the Shine Award. We thank you for all your hard work to show patients and their families The Meaning of Care.

Julie Hanson SHINE Award

Nominations for the SHINE Award can be made by patients, family members or fellow staff members. Nominate a staff member by emailing or filling out this nomination form.