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Family Ties: Drs. Hernan and Melissa Hernandez feel part of the same team at home and work

Published: June 7, 2024
Drs. Hernan and Melissa Hernandez

A common sentiment of Methodist employees is that their coworkers feel like family. For some employees, that's a reality because their spouse, sibling, child or other relative also works for the health system. 

In this feature, you'll learn more about Drs. Hernan and Melissa Hernandez, Methodist providers who have been married for more than a decade. 


How long have you been married? Tell us more about your lives outside of work.

We recently celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary! We have two kids, Miguel and Myra. They are the brightest, sweetest kids we could have ever hoped for. 

Melissa enjoys playing rec league volleyball, trying new recipes, reading, spending time with friends and family, and practicing yoga. Hernan has always loved basketball and plays whenever he has the chance. Recently, he’s gotten into endurance events, including triathlons and marathons. 


How did you meet? 

We met in medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and started dating during our second year. We got engaged at our medical school graduation party with many of our friends and family present. Our wedding was halfway through our intern year of residency. 


Tell us a little bit about your current roles at Methodist.

Melissa has been working for Methodist Physicians Clinic since 2016; she started as a new physician and as a new mom because Miguel was 2 months old at the time. She’s enjoyed working at Methodist and loves being an internal medicine physician at the Regency clinic. She feels so fortunate to have such wonderful partners and a caring, hardworking staff. 

Hernan joined the Methodist Physicians Clinic Colon and Rectal Surgery clinic in 2021. He has a busy surgical practice where he sees clinic patients and performs colonoscopies as well as outpatient and inpatient colorectal surgeries. 


How did each of you find your place at Methodist?

One of Melissa’s former co-residents was working at the Regency clinic and recruited her. Hernan could see how happy Melissa was working at Methodist, and he’d also rotated with the Methodist colorectal group during his residency. So when he finished his fellowship, he knew the Methodist group would be a great fit for him.  


What is it about Methodist that keeps you coming back?

Methodist just has a different feel. It feels like everyone is part of the same team, from the physicians and other care providers to the custodial staff and hospital greeters. It’s one team with one goal: to take excellent care of patients.


What should people know about Methodist?

Although it may have the feel of a friendly community hospital, patients can be certain that we practice world-class medicine and patient care. Methodist is without question where we would want any friend or family member to seek care should they need it.