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‘Only natural for me to be proud’: Methodist employees share what being a part of a military family means to them

Published: March 29, 2024
Military Employee Resource Group

During the Month of the Military Child in April, we have an opportunity to recognize the children of military families for facing unique and complex challenges with unwavering strength, courage and resilience.

The Methodist Military Employee Resource Group asked children of military families what the month means to them and how being part of a military family has affected them. Their responses are a testament to the importance of the group’s work fostering a supportive community:


Karissa Segan, nursing assistant at Methodist Hospital

“The Month of the Military Child means that I get to show off that both my parents were committed to their country, but also that even though I was just a kid, I made sacrifices, as well. I grew up always being proud of my parents and what they did for not only me but also our country. I remember whenever there was military appreciation in school, I'd always bring my parents into the conversation. I feel like it was only natural for me to be proud. It wasn't always easy with moving to different states, nor was it easy with my parents' schedules, but I think in the end it made our family closer.”


Jeff Francis, vice president and chief financial officer for Methodist Health System

“I don’t think it affected me as much as impacted me. You knew you were part of a bigger group serving a greater purpose. Did I miss out on growing up with friends who I knew in kindergarten and then walked across the same stage for my high school diploma?  Maybe. Have I experienced different cultures and different perspectives that shape who I am today? Definitely. I believe that’s why I gravitated to not-for-profit healthcare. You can work fulfilling a mission that is larger than yourself and makes a community better.”


These insightful responses highlight the significance of acknowledging the experiences of military children and providing a platform for their voices to be heard. By amplifying their stories, we deepen our understanding and strengthen our commitment to embodying The Meaning of Care within our community.

The Military Employee Resource Group encourages every member of the Methodist family to actively participate in events and initiatives dedicated to the Month of the Military Child. Whether it's organizing special activities, creating a supportive environment or simply expressing gratitude, you’re encourage to show The Meaning of Care by recognizing and celebrating the unique contributions and sacrifices of military children.

Do you have an experience as a military child you’d like to share? Send it to, and it could be shared on Employee Connections.

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