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The Core of What We Do: Ashlee Murphy Helps Break Down Barriers as Mobile Mammography Coordinator

Published: June 14, 2023
Ashlee Murphy

In “The Core of What We Do,” you’ll learn more about Methodist’s core service lines – primary care, oncology, cardiology, women’s health and orthopedics/surgical services – and the people whose dedication makes them so impactful for our communities.


Ashlee Murphy, RT(R)(M)
Mobile Mammography Coordinator


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Women's Health


Why is Mobile 3D Mammography so important?

Methodist Mobile 3D Mammography is another way we demonstrate our commitment to providing women’s health services and how much we care about our communities. By bringing our mobile mammography coach to sites throughout the region, we’re knocking down barriers and providing easy access for patients to have their mammograms. In fact, patients tell us daily that they wouldn’t be having their mammograms if we weren’t there.


Methodist Mobile 3D Mammography coach

What should people know about this service? What sets it apart?

  • Methodist has the only mobile mammography coach in the region. We travel throughout Omaha, Fremont, Council Bluffs and Glenwood, Iowa, Tuesday-Friday every week.
  • Many patients are surprised to learn that the coach is equipped with the same technology we have at our hospitals and clinics.  
  • We don’t charge a fee to have an event at a corporation or clinic. We process all exams through insurance. It’s the same process as if a patient were coming to the hospital or clinic, but instead, we’re going to them.
  • For patients who don’t have insurance, a grant covers the cost of their mammograms.


Tell us about your role.

In additional to providing patient care, I communicate daily with our established partners – businesses and clinics throughout the area. I also reach out to potential new partners and mediate between our legal department and new partners to finalize service agreements. I schedule all events and help with scheduling patients for events. I work with marketing, the foundations, environmental services, the insurance verification team, maintenance staff and other Methodist employees to ensure quality control.


What do you enjoy most about your team?

Our mobile team is a family. We’re all dependable and talented, we know our roles, and we work hard together. But when time allows, we also have fun, laugh and enjoy one another. We’re a well-oiled machine, and I can honestly say that I absolutely love coming to work every day.


Are there any memories that stand out to you?

At one of the first events we went to, we had a patient who hadn’t had a mammogram in 12 years. The only reason she decided to have a mammogram was because we were sitting right outside her workplace. She didn’t have an excuse not to. I’m glad she came that day because we found breast cancer.

That’s just one example, but we encounter situations like this frequently.


Why did you come to Methodist, and why have you stayed?

I knew I always wanted to work in mammography, and at that time it was rare to find a position in Omaha. I started as a casual mammo tech in 2014 with the hopes of becoming full time. A few months later, I was offered a full-time position. In 2018, I was honored to be asked to be the mobile mammography coordinator and get the wheels rolling in Omaha. Methodist had never had a coach. Everything was brand new, and so much learning and planning had to be done. But that was part of the challenge that enticed me. Five years later, here we are – fully booked for 2023 and with only a handful of dates available for 2024.

I stay at Methodist because I truly enjoy the work I do. I work with friends, and I’m proud to be a Methodist employee. I love being a part of someone’s medical journey and offering our service to so many women in our community who wouldn’t necessary have their mammograms. Methodist is always changing and growing, and I enjoy the challenges that come with that.


What does The Meaning of Care mean to you?

The Meaning of Care to me is knocking down barriers so patients can have the opportunity to have mammograms. It’s also showing compassion, kindness and respect, and providing the excellent care that patients deserve.


What’s the best thing about your role at Methodist?

The best thing about my role at Methodist is the patient care. Every day is completely different. We get to meet patients from different backgrounds and cultures. Our patients see this as an opportunity to care for themselves. We receive a whole different level of appreciation from our patients on the coach.


What do you enjoy outside of your time at Methodist?

My happy place is being with my boys. I’m married to Randy, and we have two sons, Ashton and Daxton. I enjoy traveling with my family and hanging out on the lake. Ashton is a 2024 Husker football commit. I now love Husker football!