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Methodist Updates Threat of Violence or Bomb Policy

Published: April 17, 2023
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After recently conducting exercises and gathering feedback, the Methodist Public Safety Department has updated the Threat of Violence or Bomb and Suspicious Packages policy. Changes include:

  • Clarified roles and responsibilities for staff, leadership and others
  • Instructions for responding by using a step-by-step process flow
  • An increased emphasis on communication between roles before implementing actions
  • A revised Threat of Violence or Bomb Checklist

Staff members are reminded that all threats, regardless of how they are communicated, should be considered valid until evaluated by authorities such as Public Safety Department leadership. In general, key actions staff members should take include:

  • Acting quickly but calmly, listening carefully to the threat, and collecting as much information as possible
  • Alerting leadership to the threat (discreetly instructing a coworker to do so, if necessary)
  • Immediately contacting the location’s emergency number
  • Avoiding handling any suspicious packages or items, and securing the area

The revised policy can be found on the intranet here.


Revised Violence or Bomb Threat Checklists

A revised checklist is now available here and is required to be posted near staff phones. Methodist security staff members will also be distributing checklists to departments and may be contacted for with any questions. All old checklists should be discarded once new ones are in place.


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