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Methodist Fremont Health Leaders Share How Continuous Improvement Helped Their Organization

Published: March 21, 2023
Operational Innovation event

On March 9, the Methodist Operational Innovation (OI) team held its first continuous improvement (CI) networking event of 2023. The event, held at the Best Care EAP office, was attended in person and virtually by 30 employees from across the health system.

Attendees participated in a CI/Methodist Health System history challenge and then listened to a panel of three Methodist Fremont Health leaders: Sara Vech, Kate Kuester and Danielle Warner.

During the 30-minute panel discussion, the leaders talked about how employing a CI mindset and using CI tools have helped their organization. Warner and Kuester shared how using specific CI tools has helped improve their leadership approach and led to increased employee engagement. Each leader also spent time discussing how the CI leader education course and related coaching offered by Julie Williams, senior operational innovation specialist, helped them further develop a team of problem solvers. A quote they mentioned from a leader of another health system was: “Problems are just upside down ideas”.

After the presentation, in-person attendees enjoyed the opportunity for networking.


Want To Get Involved?

More CI networking events will be held throughout the year at different locations around the health system. If you would like to be involved or hear first when the next session will be held, sign up for the new OI mailing list at @email.

For more information about Operational Innovation, its available services or educational offerings, visit the OI intranet site (Intranet Home > Departments > Operational Innovation). You can also reach out to an OI team member directly either via phone or email.