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Coming Soon: All Employees Must Register for Password Self-Service Platform

Published: Feb. 28, 2023
IT Security Update

Did you know that Methodist’s IT Operations Center handles nearly 10,000 password reset calls annually, with each call lasting three to five minutes on average? That adds up to hundreds of hours each year – time that employees and IT staff could be using to directly or indirectly benefit patients.

But there’s good news: Methodist now has a more efficient self-service platform that allows you to quickly and easily reset your password or unlock your network account from anywhere.

The platform, called SailPoint, has been implemented in conjunction with Workday and provides a range of benefits. Among the most noticeable to most staff members are simplified tools to allow them to easily reset passwords and unlock accounts on their own. Starting in April, using this self-service platform within SailPoint will be the standard process for resetting passwords.

What’s next? Expect an email from leadership the week of March 6 with further instructions on how to register for and use the new platform. Our goal is to reach 100% enrollment by March 31.