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New HR Resource Will Assist Employees With Leave of Absence, Family Medical Leave Requests

Published: Feb. 13, 2023
HR and benefits

To better support our employees and managers in handling leave of absence (LOA) and family medical leave (FML) situations, we have developed a centralized process with designated HR support – a one-stop shop for leave questions and requests.

The rules and regulations around a leave of absence can be confusing, and we understand that there are often challenging personal matters involved when an employee takes leave. This is why we have established a dedicated resource in HR to assist and provide support for all leave of absence situations. In addition, procedure and policy updates have been implemented to provide a more transparent process for employees and alignment with industry standards.


The biggest changes that affect employees are: 

  • All leave requests will be submitted online through the Kronos Leave Module.
  • The leave coordinator in HR will process all requests and assist employees with any questions or concerns.
  • PTO will run concurrently with leave (not including military leave) effective April 1, 2023.
  • All relevant policies have been updated to reflect these changes.

 The following is an outline of the process to submit a leave request:

1. Communicate leave with your manager in advance and then complete the Kronos Leave Request.

2. When the request is received, the leave coordinator will provide you with the regulatory forms and information about the process, and answer any questions you have.

3. The leave coordinator will update paid time off (PTO) and unpaid time off (leave tracking including FML) in Kronos for continuous leave, which populates your schedule and time card.

  • You, your manager and your timekeeper will be able to view this time in Kronos.

4. For intermittent leave, the leave coordinator will set up the case in Kronos, which will allow the Kronos manager/timekeeper to enter the intermittent time and PTO hours.

5. You will also work directly with the leave coordinator when it’s time to provide your return-to-work release.

Use the links below to review further information. You can always locate this information in the People Portal by searching keywords leave, FML, etc.



Contact the HR Service Center at (402) 354-2200.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is family medical leave (FML), and when would an employee use it?

Family medical leave allows employees to take job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons.


When do these policies go into effect?

Immediately, with PTO concurrent with leave (not including military leave) effective April 1, 2023.


What does it mean for PTO to run concurrently with leave?

If an employee takes leave, any PTO they have accrued will be used while on continuous or intermittent leave. This does not apply to military leave.


What if I am currently on leave?

If an employee is currently on a consecutive leave on the effective date of the policy (for example, continuous days off due to maternity or surgery), they are grandfathered for PTO based on their current leave period only. If an employee is currently on intermittent leave (for example, physical therapy two hours a week), concurrent PTO will begin April 1.


What if I recently submitted a leave request but my leave period has not started yet?

This policy will apply to your upcoming leave.


What if I want to save my PTO and not use it during my leave?

In most situations, employees are required to first use all PTO while on leave (this is standard practice across the industry). Also note that PTO hours continue to accrue while on leave when utilizing PTO.


Why are these changes happening now?

There are several factors that have influenced these changes. The key outcomes include standardizing our practices to align with industry best practices, leveraging optimal technology workflows available within Workday and Kronos, and streamlining internal processes to better serve our employees.


How will this impact my PTO or FML accruals?

These changes have no impact on PTO or FML accruals.


Do I have to take PTO if I am receiving short term disability (STD)?

Yes. The percentage of time not paid by STD will be supplemented with PTO.