Leadership Updates

Reflecting on All We're Grateful for Over the Past Year

Published: Dec. 27, 2022
Tracy Madden-McMahon leadership update

A message from Tracy Madden-McMahon, president and CEO of Methodist Hospital Foundation

The holiday season is among my favorite times of year. It’s the gathering together, the time spent catching up with family and friends. The season is also about reflection.

The last three years have been tough for health care. Gratitude is hard to find some days. But in our interactions with employees across the system, leaders found that our people can be several things at once. You can be stressed, overwhelmed and grateful. Going through tough times takes some navigation. Some days are good; some days are not. But one thing I’ve noticed is that your strength and resilience are undeniable.

As we close out 2022 and turn our sights to 2023, I hope you can find gratitude in your journey over the past year. Let me share what I’m extremely grateful for in my role at Methodist Hospital Foundation.

The Methodist team: Beyond our shared belief in the importance of Methodist’s mission, we understand that no one person is successful on their own. We are a by-product of working together. Philanthropy is a team effort, and you’re all part of that very large team. We’re very reliant on caregivers for their ideas, for the tours provided to our donors and for your time as we visit our affiliate locations. You are what makes us a success. 

Caring Campaign: Methodist employees never cease to amaze me. Each year, I can’t imagine you giving more, and yet it happens again and again. Your donations matters. They support our co-workers in urgent financial need and reflect highly on our organization. Our donors see great value in supporting an organization that is embraced by its employee base. That means the dollars contributed to our Foundations wouldn’t be possible without you. You are the reason our donors give. You are having an impact.

Our donors: Donors see the outstanding work our staff members do daily: Because of you, cancer patients are getting the treatment they need close to home. Emergency department patients are welcomed and cared for in an expanded space. Those needing women’s health services and our community’s smallest patients will have the added space they need. Our donors give because of the gratitude they feel for the experience they or their families have had at Methodist. Those moments have meant something to them.

I have so much gratitude for what we are together. We are the ultimate team. So many people in this organization make our unmatched care possible. I feel so much appreciation toward everyone I work with after the past several years. I’ve seen how difficult things have been. Yet, we’re all choosing to see the good in every day. We continue to show up even when it’s hard. We’re choosing to collaborate when at times it might be easier to go it alone. They’re all choices that we’re making every day, and every last one of them add up to delivering The Meaning of Care.