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UMR Has a New Login Process; Here's What You Need To Know

Published: Sept. 7, 2022
HR and benefits

UMR, Methodist Health System’s claims administrator for the health, dental and reimbursement account plans, has updated its member registration and login system to a platform called HealthSafe ID®. The new process will help keep your account safe and secure while making it easier to update your user profile and preferences.

The first time you log into your member account on or after Friday, Aug. 19, you'll be asked to create a new HealthSafe ID user name and password. Or, if you already have a HealthSafe ID you’ve used to access a different UnitedHealth Group website, you can use that to sign into your UMR account moving forward.

UMR is also upgrading the way you can send and receive messages. Starting Friday, Aug. 19, when you log in and use the “Contact us” feature on our secure member portal, you’ll see a new Message Center window.

When you create a new message, you’ll be asked to confirm your personal profile information and select the department or service you’re asking about. The new feature also makes it easy to attach documents related to your question.

UMR teams closely monitor their Message Center inboxes and will respond within two business days. You then will be notified by email, letting you know a new message is available to log in and view online.

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