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1095-C Form Delivery Information

Published: Feb. 1, 2022
HR and benefits

The deadline for providing employees their 1095-C forms is March 2. As in previous years, there is no need to wait until you receive your 1095-C (employer-provided health insurance offer and coverage information) to file your taxes.

To receive your 1095-C as soon as it is available, consider opting in to receive the form electronically if you haven’t already done so. Opting in is simple and quick, which means you can easily download your 1095-C electronically and won't have to wait for a paper copy to arrive in the mail.

Once you download electronically or receive your 1095-C in the mail, you’ll want to keep it with your other tax papers.

Instructions on How To Opt In
  • From the Intranet home page under System Shortcuts (located on the left side of the page), select Lawson.
  • Instead of selecting Lawson Login like you do to access your pay stub, select MHS Tax Documents.
  • Log in with your network user name and password.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to update My Delivery Settings.

While on this page, you can also opt in to receive your W-2s electronically. Opting in will give you electronic access to your W-2s for the previous five years, including your 2021 W-2.



Contact the IT Service Desk at (402) 354-2280 for assistance opting in for electronic 1095-Cs and/or W-2s.