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Caring Campaign 2022: Taking Care of Each Other

Published: Aug. 23, 2021
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We know there’s a lot of uncertainty right now. You’re working extra hard and dealing with a lot. This year’s Caring Campaign is all about taking care of each other. Together, we can impact the lives of our coworkers and our community by supporting the greatest needs of one, two or all three foundations within our health system. 

As you help others, we hope you experience a boost yourself. Caring Campaign 2022 is going to be fun and high energy, with lots of special touches. Pledging and winning prizes will also be easier than ever. 

Get ready to show your caring spirit and your Methodist pride. Caring Campaign officially kicks off on Wednesday, Sept. 1.

Is there a special gift this year?

There is, and it’s “tote-ally” awesome. As a thank you for considering a pledge, you’ll receive your gift after Caring Campaign kicks off next week.

What’s different this year?

More prizes! Each foundation is providing staff the opportunity to win gift cards. It will also be easier to make a pledge with our quick gift option. 

Will we be hearing the word “Tote-ally” a lot during the 2022 campaign?


There’s much more to come. Thank you in advance for your participation! Your gift, no matter the size, truly makes a difference. 


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