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Sydney Matson Honored With Shine Award for Nursing Assistants

Published: July 14, 2021
Image for post: Sydney Matson Honored With Shine Award for Nursing Assistants

The Shine Award for Nursing Assistants honors these staff members for the special role they play in patient care at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital. Their Supporting Hands assist our nurses In achieving Nursing Excellence and quality patient outcomes. 

Shine Award Winner

Sydney Matson

Sydney Matson, a care tech in the Methodist Hospital Emergency Department, has been honored with the Shine Award.

His nomination read: "I would like to nominate Sydney for the Shine Award. He is a tech in our ED and does a fantastic job day to day, but today went above and beyond when a patient arrived to the ED and was unresponsive. One of our ED nurses instructed him to start CPR on the patient in the entrance while the nurse ran to get help. He started chest compressions on the patient and did an amazing job of attempting to save this patient’s life. Sydney is such a hard worker and will do anything asked of him and do it with a smile. I am so appreciative of his hard work to improve patient outcomes on our unit. We are lucky to have him!"

Congratulations, Sydney, on receiving the Shine Award. We thank you for all your hard work to show patients and their families The Meaning of Care.

Nominations for the Shine Award can be made by patients, family members or fellow staff members. Nominate a nursing assistant by emailing or filling out this nomination form.