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Congratulations to Our Latest The Meaning of Care Award Honorees

Published: May 5, 2021
Image for post: Congratulations to Our Latest The Meaning of Care Award Honorees

Each day, Methodist employees do large and small things that touch the lives of patients and their families. Methodist Hospital Foundation is proud to recognize these acts through The Meaning of Care Awards. This program allows grateful patients and their loved ones to make donations to Methodist Hospital Foundation on behalf of outstanding Methodist employees.

Please join Methodist Hospital Foundation in congratulating The Meaning of Care Award recipients from Jan. 1 to March 31, 2021. To learn more about The Meaning of Care Award program, visit our website.


The Meaning of Care Award Honorees, First Quarter 2021

  • Josie Abboud
  • Bailey Baxter
  • Claudia Balta
  • Amanda Blomenkamp
  • Meg Bockelman
  • Jessica Bortolotti-Burke
  • Linda Bouasym
  • Sarah Brooks
  • Megan Burdess
  • Dr. William Butz
  • Wendy Clifton
  • Danielle Deckard
  • Karen Dueling
  • Ian Dust
  • Dr. Deanna Edwards
  • Candie Erickson
  • Val Goodman
  • Naomi Gutierrez-Rodriguez
  • Erin Haas
  • Megan Krist
  • Cathy Landas
  • Amanda Lovercheck
  • Dr. Todd Lovgren
  • Dr. Bill Lydiatt
  • Nikita Matthais
  • Dakota McCormick
  • Allyson McCullum
  • Connor McElderry
  • Methodist Hospital Ortho/Neuro staff
  • Methodist Hospital Progressive Care staff
  • Methodist Hospital Respiratory Therapy staff
  • Melissa Mollner
  • Jan Morgan
  • Dr. Robert Penn
  • Dr. Allison Phillips
  • Dr. Frederick Raiser
  • Dr. Thomas Rankin
  • Red Oak family practice staff
  • Brooke Richardson
  • Sydney Snook
  • Dr. Daniel Steier
  • Brittany Steponik
  • Beverly Storm
  • Brooke Suing
  • Wendy Teetor
  • Mary Thibodeau
  • Bill Vobejda
  • Megan Wessling
  • Dr. Nicholas Wilka
  • Brian Wilson
  • Audrey Zuerlein-Johnson