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Are You on Candid Camera?

Published: Aug. 6, 2018
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Secret Recording of Employees

Over 90 percent of Americans own a cellphone; 77 percent are smart phones that can record and upload information instantly to the internet. It is no longer a matter of “if” you will be recorded; it’s a matter of “when”.

Not all recording devices are obvious; something as innocent-looking as a pen can capture high-quality video of you doing your job.

So what do you need to know about photography and recording at Methodist?

  • Nebraska and Iowa are “one-party” consent states; only one party needs to be aware a recording is taking place for it to be legal.
  • NMHS’s Photography and Recording Patient Visitor policy provides guidelines for respectful and appropriate use of photography and recording in the clinical setting.
  • Any recording of an employee without his/her knowledge is prohibited per this policy.
  • However, a patient cannot be legally prosecuted for recording an employee without his/her knowledge as long as the patient is a party to the conversation, regardless of our internal policy.
  • Concerned about inappropriate use of photography or recording? Request the user turn off the device and step out of the area. If the user refuses, contact the supervisor or Security. 

Tips for Being “Camera Ready”

  • Imagine every phone call, conversation and patient interaction is being taped for training purposes. 
  • Never make disparaging remarks about patients, not even when they are sedated or not in the room. In one Virginia hospital, a recording device was left on and captured these types of remarks. A lawsuit was filed against the hospital and staff for malpractice and defamation of character. Guess what? The patient won!
  • If you don’t know the answer to a patient question, don't bluff. Respond with: “That’s a good question, let me look into that and get an answer for you.”
  • Pay attention to your tone, facial expressions and body language. 


If you have any questions about appropriate use of photography or videotaping in the clinical setting, please contact Mary Thomas at 402-354-5616 or Tracy Durbin at 402-354-4901.