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Annual Funding Notices for Employees: MHS Retirement Account Plan

Published: April 3, 2018

Federal law requires that an Annual Funding Notice be provided to all participants in the Nebraska Methodist Health System Retirement Account Plan.  The notice includes information such as the plan’s Funding Target Attainment Percentage, fair market value of assets, participant information, funding and investment policies, any events that have a material effect on the plan’s assets or liabilities and a description of the benefits under the plan that are eligible to be guaranteed by the PBGC.  

You can access the 2017 Annual Funding Notice on the Methodist Health System Intranet.  

For the Methodist Health System notice, please go to Human Resources / MHS Benefits / Summary Annual Reports, Annual Funding Notice, Schedule SB / Annual Funding Notice.  

For More Information

You have the right to request and obtain a paper version of the Annual Funding Notice.  If you want to request a paper version or if you have any questions, you may call Human Resources at (402) 354-2200.