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18 AgeWISE Nurses Graduated in December, Cohort #13 Started in January

Published: Jan. 24, 2018
Image for post: 18 AgeWISE Nurses Graduated in December, Cohort #13 Started in January

Eighteen nurses, representing eight nursing units/departments graduated from the AgeWISE residency on December 20. 

These recent AgeWISE graduates (Cohort #12) will sit for certification in either Gerontological Nursing or Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing, or within their unit specialty as an outcome of the nurse residency:

4 South

  • Abbie Loehr 
  • Heather Dostal

5 South

  • Justine Cox
  • Megan Burdess

6 South 

  • Chelsea Smith 
  • Sarah Noordam

7 South

  • Kristin Nboda 
  • Jessica Redlinger 
  • Ashely Ernst

8 North 

  • Maria Mencke-Teager
  • Brianna Washka

8 South

  • Sarah Fietz
  • Anne Thallas

9 South/North

  • Holly Darrington
  • Tim Hoarty
  • Lindsay Temme


  • Chelsea Craig
  • Jessica Seymour 

About AgeWISE

AgeWISE promotes the crucial role nurses play in enhancing the hospital experience for older patients and their families. Methodist  has more than 200 AgeWISE nurses on staff infusing Geropalliative care nursing principles throughout the hospitals. 

Methodist continues to be a national leader in AgeWISE and has graduated more AgeWISE nurses than any of the original six pilot hospitals selected in 2010.

This program is a collaboration between the hospital and our Department of Nursing at Nebraska Methodist College. AgeWISE nurses report gaining enhanced knowledge in Geropalliative care to provide more specific and sensitive care to their patients, as well as a sense of empowerment and increased confidence when having difficult conversations with patients, families and physicians related to Geropalliative care.  

AgeWISE Cohort #13 

A new cohort of 18 nurses (Cohort #13) started in January 2018 and will graduate in June. The nurses spend two days per month in classroom seminars and at various community clinical sites. They learn knowledge and skills in Geropalliative care which enhances their confidence and empowers them to provide evidence-based care to older adults and their families.

The following nurses are in this cohort:

4 South 

  • Lesha Murphy

5 South 

  • Haley Demaris
  • Jacquelyn Ryan
  • Heather Eickhoff

6 North

  • Brian Derby

6 South

  • Summer Nabity
  • Stacie Knehans

7 North

  • Kelsey Roth

7 South

  • Unita Kham
  • Taylor Peterson
  • Holly Brezina

8 North

  • Angela Manley

8 South

  • Drew Rogers
  • Tori McElligott

9 South/North

  • Taylor Johnson
  • Molly Feichtinger
  • Breanna Gale

Administrative Coordinator 

  • Jody Morris


To learn more about AgeWISE, contact Deborah Conley at @email