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$500 Employee Referral Bonus for Cleaning Technicians

Published: July 12, 2017

Now through December 31, employees who refer a candidate for a 16- to 40-hour-per-week cleaning technician position at any of the three MHS hospitals will be eligible for a $500 referal bonus. Payout will be 1/2 at 6 months, and 1/2 at one year.

Steps for a Current MHS Employee to Receive the $500 Referral Bonus

  1. Cleaning Technician applicant puts the name of the employee who referred them on the application.

  2. Cleaning Technician applicant is selected for an interview.

  3. Applicant receives and accepts a job offer for a Cleaning Technician position.

HR Contact Information

  • Ashley Batko - Recruiter for Methodist Hospital & Methodist Women's Hospital
    402-354-6542 or @email 

  • Amy Carter - Recruiter for Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital
    712-396-6788 or

Learn More

  • Details of the program are available on the home page of mhsintranet under "Announcements" and under the "Jobs" tab. See "Cleaning Technician Referral Bonus."

  • For the flyer, click here.