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Have You Updated Your License Plate Info in ESS?

Published: April 18, 2017
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Employees who drive and park their vehicle at work are responsible to maintain their vehicle information in Employee Self Service (ESS) including license plate number.  It is also required of the employee to maintain a parking sticker on their vehicle. 

Because the state of Nebraska will be issuing new license plates this year, you will need to update your license number in ESS upon receipt of the new plate.  In ESS, select Personal Data then Parking Registration from the left menu . If you drive a second vehicle, be sure to update that information as well.  In the event you need a new parking sticker, indicate Yes in the Need New Parking Sticker field and one will be sent to you via interoffice mail from Human Resources.

Also remember to update Parking Registration any time you purchase a new/used vehicle and will drive it to work in addition to or instead of the one previously registered.