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Congratulations to MJE Hidden Halo Recipients: 1Q 2017

Published: April 4, 2017
Image for post: Congratulations to MJE Hidden Halo Recipients: 1Q 2017

The Hidden Halos Program enables grateful patients and their family members to recognize exceptional caregivers at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital. 

Any member of the MJE care team, paid or volunteer, may be nominated by a patient or family member who wishes to express special gratitude for excellent, compassionate care.

As the nomination form explains, "Our caregivers sometimes can't keep their halos hidden and are like angels on earth. Professional and dedicated fall short in describing their level of care. They are truly heaven-sent."

Hidden Halo honorees receive special recognition in their departments or nursing units, including the presentation of a Hidden Halo certificate and pin. Patients and family who make nominations often choose make tax-deductible gifts to Jennie Edmundson Foundation in their caregiver's honor.

For the Hidden Halos nomination brochure, click here

1st Quarter 2017

The following individuals and departments were honored with Hidden Halos from January 1 - March 31, 2017:

All Staff   


  • Amanda Bobzien, RN
  • Justin Boeck, CNA
  • Kelcie Jensen, LPN
  • Tina Mitchell, CNA
  • Nicole Trocha, CNA


  • All Staff
  • Myong Drake, CNA


  • All Staff
  • Karen Hallman, RN
  • Michelle Beck, CNA
  • Jerica Thomas, CNA

Behavioral Health

  • Leslie Clary, RN
  • Debbie Larsen, CNA
  • Beth Loring, RN
  • Barb Maxwell, RN
  • Sarah Ridgley, RN
  • Alexis Schwiesow


  • Jackie Betsworth, RN
  • Julie Derby, RN
  • Kay Gochenour, RN
  • Kara Goodman, RN
  • Aubrey Malone, RN
  • Dani Michels, RN
  • 2 - Ellie Osbourne, RN
  • Rachel Ratekin, RN

Breast Center

  • Stacy Gant (R) (M)
  • Marcy Powles, RT (R)(M)
  • Breast Health Center
  • Tammy Johnson, RN
  • Dr. Michael Zlomke

Cardiac Rehab

  • Jan Hansen, RN

Case Management

  • Jeanette Kennedy, RN
  • Windy DiSalvo, LMSW


  • All Staff
  • Ana Clapham, EMT
  • Tracie Kerns, RN

Environmental Services

  • Susie Rose

Heartland Oncology and Hematology

  • All Staff
  • Dr. Robert Warner


  • Dr. Evelyn Reher


  • All Staff
  • 2 - Dee Dollen, RN
  • Leah Donahue, RN
  • Nicole LaRussa, RN
  • Sally Payne, RN
  • 2 - Kelly Raes, RN
  • Dave Reineke, RN
  • Jean Richardson, RN

Medi-Bus Transportation

  • All Staff

Nuclear Medicine

  • Kelly Jones, RT (R) (NM)

Outpatient Surgery

  • All Staff

Physical Therapy

  • All Staff
  • Patty Ellsion, PTA
  • Reme Kutchara, Rehab Tech
  • 2 - Kurt Weidauer, PT


  • Dr. Annabel Galva