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HIPAA Alert: Accessing Your Medical Record

Published: March 14, 2016
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Know and Follow Methodist Policy

Methodist policy allows employees to access their own computerized medical records or those of their dependent minor children via Cerner -- with the following exceptions:

  • Access to an employee’s own behavioral health record or sexual health records or those of any dependent minor children via Cerner is not permitted.  

  • Under no circumstances may an employee access the records of a spouse or other family member without first obtaining a valid HIPAA-compliant "Authorization for Release of Medical Information." 

How to Obtain and Submit Authorization Forms

Authorization for Release of Medical Information forms are available on the HIPAA home page under Resources on mhsintranet.  

Completed authorization forms must be routed to the appropriate HIM Department for scanning into the medical record:

  • MHS hospital authorization forms for release of medical information go to MH Med Records.

  • Methodist Physicians Clinic forms go to MPC Regency Med Records.