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AgeWISE Nurses Graduate, Next Cohort Begins July 20

Published: July 10, 2015
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The following 16 Methodist Hospital nurses, representing seven units, graduated from the Geropalliative Care Nurse Residency Program on June 19 to become AgeWISE nurses. Within the next six months, the nurses will sit for certification in either Gerontological or Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing, or in their unit specialty as an outcome of the residency.


Cohort #7 AgeWISE Graduates:


6N Progressive Care Unit
Blake Smith
Jason Heimes


6S Oncology/Surgery Unit
Dana Salerno
Kim Hook


7N Intensive Care Unit
Lexy Quandt
Katie Pistillo


7S Acute Care for Elders
Heather Luchiari
Tilly Beaudette
Kellie Wachal
Jackie Escusar

8N Ortho/Neuro Unit
Rochelle Swanson
Liz Kirchner



8S Medical Surgical Unit
Alix Sandbothe
Emily Charvat


9N/S Cardiac

Megan Wessling
Courtney Woodward 


About the AgeWISE Program

The AgeWISE program promotes the crucial role nurses play in making the hospital experience better and safer for older patients. Methodist Hospital now has 122 AgeWISE nurses on staff infusing Geropalliative care nursing principles throughout the hospital.


Methodist Hospital continues to be a national leader in AgeWISE and has graduated more AgeWISE nurses than any of the original six pilot hospitals selected in 2010. This program is a collaborative between the hospital and our department of nursing at Nebraska Methodist College.


AgeWISE nurses report gaining enhanced knowledge in geropalliative care to provide more specific and sensitive care to their patients, as well as a sense of empowerment and increased confidence when having difficult conversations with patients, families, and physicians related to geropalliative care.  


New Cohort Begins July 20

A new cohort of 20 AgeWISE nurse residents begins July 20, 2015. The residents spend two days per month in classroom seminars and at various community clinical sites. They are learning knowledge and skills in Geropalliative Care which enhances their confidence and empowers them to provide evidence-based care to older adults and their families.


Cohort #8 AgeWISE Residents:


6 North

Rachel Coufal
Janet Syslo
Heather Scott
Mariah Selby

6 South

Amy Hartigan
Abby Hawthorne


7 South
Molly Knutson
Natalie Jones
Lindsey Romero
Stevi Roberts
Evelyn Merkel

8 North

Yen Nguyen



8 South

Brittany Seagren
Schyler Schriever



9 South
Katie Anderson
Therese Nevinski



Marilyn Corum




Nicole Kuehl
Jessica Lock



Palliative Care

Jenna Eich

AGES: AgeWISE Geriatric Education Seminar Begins Sept. 15

To empower more nurses and staff to learn and implement best practices in geropalliative care, a CEU program called AGES (AgeWISE Geriatric Education Seminars) was introduced at Nebraska Methodist College. The upcoming 2015 sessions of this quarterly interprofessional educational program are September 15 and November 3.


To register or for more information, click here



To learn more about AgeWISE, contact Deborah Conley at @email