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Dianne Fuhs Is June DAISY Award Winner

Published: June 25, 2015
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Dianne Fuhs, BSN, RN, BC, a nurse coordinator for the Methodist Hospital Cardiac Unit, was honored at a recognition ceremony on Thursday, June 25, as the June DAISY Award winner for Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital.

She was nominated for the honor by a heart bypass patient who began his lengthy nomination letter by explaining, "I couldn't begin to write all the good things I have to say about Dianne on the pamphlet provided."

While the patient praised the entire nursing staff, he said, "Dianne stands tall in the care she took of me and my wife. She is a warm, loving person and must love her job. She gave me the best care anyone could receive. She was there for me!"

The patient was impressed by how constantly Diane checked in on him, always anticipating his needs, as well as by how willingly she helped other nurses with questions.

Planning to say one last goodbye to Dianne before leaving the hospital, the patient was disappointed not to see her before being wheeled out of the unit. To his surprise, before getting to his waiting wife and car, he heard a familiar voice behind him call out, "Wait! You can't leave without a hug and saying goodbye."

"Yes, it was Dianne!" he said. "It was such an emotional moment I could hardly speak."

The patient said, "Dianne more than lives up to the advertising Methodist is running on TV. And, NO, I was not a relative or friend of hers before surgery -- however, in the two short days, the wife and I feel she is our true friend forever."

The DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates extraordinary skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day. Nurses can be nominated by anyone, including patients, family members, physicians, supervisors or their peers.

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