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How To Address an Interoffice Envelope and Avoid Delayed Delivery

Published: March 22, 2023
Interoffice mail envelope

Interoffice mail is the service that routes mail throughout the health system. Have you ever wondered if the person you’re trying to deliver something to actually receives the envelope? Below you’ll find a few tips to help ensure that your mail is delivered to the right location and person in a timely manner.


Properly Addressing Interoffice Delivery Envelopes

  1. Cross out the address above the line you plan on using. And check to make sure there aren’t additional addresses visible on either side of the envelope. If all lines on one side of the envelope are full, proceed to the reverse side of the envelope to see if there are more available. Please recycle the envelope when there's no longer space on either side.
  2. Locate the facility code and insert that letter into the first column.
  3. If you plan to send to a Methodist Physicians Clinic location listed in facility code C, remember to specify the clinic name. If necessary, use two lines.
  4. If there is more than one option listed behind the facility code, indicate the specific clinic/specialty you are sending to.
  5. For mail being sent to a hospital, add the appropriate department name and floor number, if applicable.
  6. Add the current date in the second column.
  7. Print the first and last name and department of the receiver, as well as the first and last name and department of the sender. The full name and department of the sender is helpful when the mail item doesn’t reach the intended receiver.


Mail With Unrecognizable Addresses

Envelopes with misaddressed or unrecognizable addresses that can’t be delivered will be opened in an attempt to deliver to the intended recipient. All Human Resources records sent through interoffice mail must carry an additional seal marked “Confidential” to ensure confidentiality.


Bulk Mailing

Any bulk mailing consisting of three or more pieces of mail that are of the same material going to the same building must be banded together or put in a specific labeled mail tote. Administrators who maintain bulk mailing lists should regularly review the names and addresses to ensure accuracy and prevent delivery delays.


Mail Delivered Via U.S. Postal Service

When mail arrives at the mail center via the U.S. Postal Service, some items don’t include enough information to send along. If a piece of mail includes only a name and address and doesn’t include a specific department, it is set aside to search and the person must be found in our database.

Additionally, if you wish to stop receiving a specific mail item, indicate “Return to Sender – remove from mailing list” and return via interoffice mail.